Zero Waste Mountain, France

Mountain Riders is a non-profit organisation promoting ecological transition in the mountains since 2001. It works with citizens, pupils, companies, or ski resorts all around France to sensitize them about sustainability in the mountains and help them to improve their practices through pedagogical tools and concrete actions.

The project aims to reduce waste at its source through cleaning actions and sensitizing events around France (Alps, Pyrenees, Jura). It will equip mountain areas, enabling them to organise more cleaning actions by developing and rolling out a ‘cleaning package’, including tools, methodology and communication. The project will provide 100 cleaning kits – representing more than half of all the ski resorts in France – with an aim of undertaking 180 cleaning operations during 2022 and 2023, whilst engaging 6-8,000 volunteers. For every action the project will also define high-priority areas that must be cleaned because they have the potential to dangerously impact the ecosystem (watercourse, protected areas, etc.). Through these actions the project’s goal is to clean 300 km2 of mountain area.