Advancing local marine stewardship through reef restoration and responsible tourism in Shimoni, Kenya.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Protected Area (MPA) and adjacent Locally Marine Managed Areas (LMMAs) jointly create a biodiversity rich Shimoni-Vanga seascape, which hosts 7 Beach Management Units, 2 tourism boat operators, and several community- based organisations from seven local fishing villages. These communities depend on the diverse marine ecosystems, particularly coral reef for their subsistence fishing and ecotourism activities, but the coral is degrading. REEFolution Trust will address this through coral reef restoration, building 50 coral nursery trees, harvesting, cultivating and planting out 3,000 coral fragments onto artificial reef structures. It will also produce a ‘coral heroes’ comic booklet for young learners; train and equip members of local communities as REEF Rangers with reef restoration skills, nurture marine stewardship among the locals; and promote responsible tourism practices by training 8 boat operators guides in snorkelling techniques, and holding 2 workshops on responsible tourism practices.