Restoration of the Kaiserjoch Trail, Germany

The German Alpine Club (DAV) emphasises nature protection in the Alps as well as the support of environmentally friendly sports and recreation in the mountains.

Rockfall in September 2011 destroyed several hundred metres of the Kaiserjoch Trail – an important natural connection between the Lech and Rosanna valleys for centuries. Leading to several DAV refuges and the start of various trekking tours, the region is famous for its species- rich meadows, ibex, marmots and golden eagles. Due to the risk of further rockfall, the trail must be moved across the valley, requiring specialist skills and equipment because of the difficult terrain. Regular maintenance will keep hikers on the path, protecting wildlife and habitats.

The construction of the new trail involves:

  • remodelling part of the original trail
  • building 2 bridges over a stream
  • manual trail construction work using wood and gravel
  • signposting the trail

The Update

Once agreement had been reached, with the local mayor, the land owner and conservation organisations, as to the location of the new trail, it was built during June and July of 2012. Due to the sensitivity of the terrain, all the work carried out was done by hand, using a helicopter to deliver the tools and materials required. The workers had to cut the trail into the slope by hand, removing vegetation and soil carefully so that it could be replanted nearby.

About 1.7km of trail was repositioned in this way and the new trail we opened at the end of July.

Image: Kaiserjoch - DAV Sektion Leutkirch