Protecting and Restoring Habitat for the Critically Endangered Blue-Throated Hillstar, Ecuador

In 2017, a striking new hummingbird species was discovered in the high-elevation páramo grasslands of the Chilla Mountain range. With a population of just 80-110 adults, the Blue-throated Hillstar, is Critically Endangered, due to the loss and degradation of its habitat.  Only very few of its habitat patches remaining and in recent years, adventure seekers, rock climbers and other tourists have discovered this remote area, favouring the same localities this bird roosts and nests. Together with its partner organization Fundación Jocotoco, Habitats Foundation will support the local community in developing and implementing a sustainable tourism plan, to conserve the hummingbird and deliver alternative income sources for local families. 15 local community members will be trained as guides and hosts for tourists, and more will compensated for restoring 14 hectares of priority habitat, with over 5,000 shrubs of 10 key foraging plant species for the hummingbirds.