Protecting and Enhancing outdoor playgrounds, UK

Trash Free Trails (TFT) is a community-focussed, non-profit organisation; a positive call to arms for riders, runners, and roamers alike. TFT exists to protect our trails and the wild places they take us, and they are starting with single use pollution (aka; Litter!).

One of the main goals of this project is to use citizen science to generate data for the State of Our Trails Report; aiding the development and implementation of the Report’s 2025 Action Plan. The project will facilite nine Citizen Science Expeditions to remove single use pollution from 4,000kms of trails and wild places, establish the abundance, distribution, and composition of the trash removed by surveying the materials, types and brands of each item – this will aid the understanding of the impacts of single use pollution on recreational trails, flora and fauna, and their ecosytems. It aims to remove remove approximately 30,000 items of single use pollution, weighing approximately 3,000kgs, – fulfilling and enjoyable expeditions, connecting with nature and leaving a positive trace on beautiful places.