Nile riverbank restoration- for people and nature, Uganda

The Victoria Nile in Jinja, is an important riparian wildlife corridor which is threatened by invasive water hyacinth, deforestation and illegal cultivation. Farm tree diversity in the wider landscape has also been lost. Bubugo Conservation Trust’s project works with rural communities regenerating the land in a way that sustainably benefits them, and re-establishes a functioning riverbank ecosystem.  2 km of the riverbank will be restored by planting 3,600 native trees with community benefit (eg for fruit), protecting natural regeneration of native trees, and re-establishing papyrus reed beds. Invasive water hyacinth will be removed and used to weave products, with 10-15 people being trained in this alternative livelihood. Community groups will plant 15,000 trees on farms, to restore soils and deliver benefits to households. As the river banks regenerate, 3 new tourism offerings will be formalised, walking trails established and guides trained, building on existing tourism interest from the white water features of the river.