Mountain Clean Up

There are estimated to be 100 million visitors in the European Alps each year, which presents a huge challenge in preserving these mountain environments. There is a growing need to provide necessary awareness campaigns to ensure mountain tourists are aware of the pressures that these popular holiday destinations are under. To give back to these nature areas, Respect the Mountains organises the Envirotrek Series: hikes to enjoy nature and help her by – simply – cleaning up. A simple way of giving back that is enjoyable and effective.

Respect the Mountains organises the Envirotrek Clean Up Series each year, in different mountain locations to bring together volunteers (tourists and locals) to clean up a mountain area. Often these areas are centred around resorts after the snow has disappeared or mountain recreation areas. At the same time, Respect the Mountains engages with participants in these events to educate and inform and draw attention to the ‘7 ways’ of respecting the mountains.

Following the clean up, participants get to enjoy a barbeque lunch together and then take part in an outdoor activity. These range from canoeing, mountain biking and gyll scrambling to treetop adventures, climbing and via ferrata! A great reward for a mornings work!

EOCA funding will increase the Envirotrek series to allow additional clean ups to take place during the summer of 2012 and 2013, taking the number of events to a minimum of 7 each year (in France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK).

The Update

Respect The Mountains held the Envirotrek Series clean up events in 2012 and 2013.  As a result of the seven events in the summer of 2012 , the campaign generated:
– over 1000 hands-on, clean-up hours by almost 500 mountain tourists and locals;
– 1750 kilos of waste which included 350 garbage bags, scrap metals, car tyres, used oil barrels and more;
– across 5 different European countries during the summer holiday season;
– awareness to both other holiday makers and locals in 7 locations.

Check out a video produced by Envirotrek about their 2012 series HERE.

In 2013, the series ran eight events over the summer and the campaign generated:
– 1130 hands-on, Clean Up hours by 565 mountain tourists and locals;
– 2630 kilos of waste which included 335 garbage bags, scrap metals, car tires, car doors and more;
– across 5 different European countries during the summer holiday season
– and a great video to get a flavour of the events HERE!

100 people took part in Envirotrek in 2009, more than 200 participants were involved in 2010, and in 2011 participants collected 160 bags of rubbish. The Event Series was taken to another level again in 2012 and 2013, in part thanks to the EOCA funding they received. Respect the Mountains awareness reached more mountain tourists and provided essential awareness to a wider tourist audience.


Image: The end of a mountain clean-up day