Mangrove restoration for ecotourism and sustainable development, Guatemala

The Hawaii Multiple Use Area (AUMH), a 4,000+ hectare marine protected area, features diverse habitats including mangrove wetlands. A natural inland mangrove waterway and lagoons are popular for kayaking, swimming, and bird- and fauna-watching.  Home to important sea turtle nesting beaches, and 161 reported bird species.  Hawaii faces many threats including unplanned tourism, lack of conservation awareness, deforestation and pollution. This project by ARCAS, will conserve biodiversity and promote alternative sustainable livelihoods. It will replant 2 hectares of mangroves, and 5kms of mangrove waterways will be cleared of trash dumps, enabling the natural regeneration of a further 40ha.  Ecotourism will be improved through interpretative signage along mangrove waterways, promotion of boating, kayaking and birdwatching in the area, and 15 residents receiving comprehensive Community Tour Guide training course.  Twelve of these guides will be equipped to facilitate wildlife tours and outdoor activities in the AUMH.