Loggerhead Turtle Conservation, Boa Vista island

Cape Verde beaches host one of the world’s largest loggerhead turtle nesting populations, with beaches of protected areas Reserva Natural das Tartarugas (RNT) and Parque Natural do Norte (PNN) on the SE of Boa Vista hosting the highest densities of loggerhead nest throughout the archipelago. Since 1998, Cabo Verde Natura 2000 NGO has been leading loggerhead conservation, protection, and management activities in this important rockery, mitigating the main threats of adult females poaching, marine debris, and high predation and death rate of hatchlings. This project aims to conserve turtles on the most important beaches through continual nightly patrols throughout the nesting season, rescuing disorientated adult female turtles, assisting hatchlings to reach the sea, and reducing poaching by 50% by hiring local people to reinforce protection and surveillance. Seven environmental education and awareness activities will be held. A clean up campaign will clear 15km of nesting beaches from plastic waste.