Coastal Protection Activists, UK

Surfers against Sewage (SAS) is focussed on protecting the UKs oceans, waves, and beaches for all to access, use and enjoy safely and sustainably. They do this through a network of volunteers, carrying out practical conservation actions, education, campaigning and scientific research.

SAS currently has 20 representatives working in coastal regions throughout the UK to involve and educate the local communities in the protection of their coastal environment.  This takes place through grass root actions such as beach cleans, educational talks and campaign action on marine and coastal pollution. This project aims to expand, develop and train their network of regional representatives through

  • recruiting 20 more regional representatives by November 2013, in two groups of 10
  • running 4 training days for the regional representatives by November 2013
  • carrying out at least 30 beach cleans and 20 educational talks by November 2013.


The Update

Thanks to the funding from EOCA, the number of SAS regional reps has grown to over 40 ambassadors. These reps are an increasingly important and active part of SAS campaigns and initiatives, including the 2013 SAS Big Spring Beach Clean, which saw 1500 volunteers braving cold and wet conditions to remove over 4,000kgs of marine litter from 65 beaches around the UK.

The ambassadors have been very active on local issues with their local media, helped lobby local politicians on a range of issues, given over 50 educational talks between them covering issues such as marine litter, water quality and sewage pollution, not to mention 2 other beach clean events – the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue and the Crown Estate Autumn Beach Clean Series.

A new website has also been launched specifically for the regional reps and is proving a very useful tool for raising awareness of local issues, engaging local supporters and mobilising local volunteers.

Image: Litter from our seas