CleanALP – Protect and clean our mountains 2023-24, Italy

The European Research Institute (ERI) is a non-profit organisation that works to promote research and experimentation for innovation in scientific and social fields. Its main objective is to improve the environment, economic, and cultural conditions of European citizens and promote respect for the territory and the living being.

The aim of the project is to safeguard high altitude alpine habitat, focussing on the North-western Italian Alps, one of the last pristine environments in southern Europe, home of precious ungulates, carnivores, birds, flowers, and plants, and which are also heavily threatened by climate change. The project will hold 18 events to clean-up over 220km of trails, involving tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and public alpine huts – who will also be information and awareness hubs. Aiming to involve 600 volunteers, through clean-ups, public events and workshops, the project aims to create a generation of sustainable hikers. In addition, snow samples will be collected to continue microplastic particle studies, and better understand plastic pollution in high altitude alpine habitats.