Angofa grassland restoration and nature trail

Fundatia ADEPT Transylvania preserves the natural and cultural diversity of the historic regions of Transylvania and catalyses the development of a viable rural economy based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Tarnava Mare is a Natura 2000 Site declared for its grasslands, wetland, forest habitats and associated plant and animal species. The area is one of Europe’s most important High Nature Value grassland landscapes, still in ecological working order, but threatened by the lack of economic return for nature-based farming, which leads to abandonment of less accessible grassland, intensification of more accessible grassland, and the loss of species-rich pastures and hay meadows. This project will directly restore several hectares of hay meadow; clear invasive species and plastic; involve local people in conservation through clean ups and replanting fruit trees; and increase visitor numbers more widely in the area, by equipping a visitor centre with up-to-date interpretation and information boards, maps, a café and building a 1.5km spur from the restored building to link to the 100km mountain-bike trail that joins 8 villages and over 70 green tourism providers, as well as mark 5km of nature trails through the nature-rich grasslands.

The Update

This project is now complete with 1.8km of mountain bike trail constructed to link the Angofa Wildlife Centre with the existing 100km trail through this beautiful countryside. Numerous challenges were successfully overcome by the team during the trail’s construction, including the need for many more culverts and ditches than planned, difficulties in transporting stone up hill, and the requirement of an excavator in areas of very hard ground.

Furthermore, the project highlights the following additional successes:
– The creation of 8.75km of nature trail with interpretation boards through the nature-rich grasslands.
– The clearance of 8.5ha of scrub and invasive species, thereby supporting the restoration of meadows for wildflowers to flourish in future years.
– The clearance of plastic and rubbish over 5km of tracks, woodlands and river banks.
– Planting 50 apple and plum trees.
– Equipping the Angofa Wildlife Centre with up-to-date teaching and interpretation equipment which will be invaluable for informing local school children and visitors of the importance of the area.

ADEPT will continue to develop the Angofa Wildlife Centre as an attraction for locals and visitors to promote this stunning area.

Image: Green Bike Trails