ACT and EDUCATE @PATRON 2024 – a movement towards plasticfree peaks

Patron’s mission through its initiative Plasticfree Peaks is to take an active role in the protection, restoration, and conservation of wild spaces by actively fighting plastic pollution. Through CleanUP events and workshops, Patron’s goal is to initiate an intrinsic change of consciousness and inspire people to bring the protective instinct within themselves to life.

This project will undertake large-scale CleanUP events in the Black Forest, around Lake Constance, in Allgäu, Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg to help preserve the natural landscape. This year, Garda Trentino in Italy will be added as a new tour stop. Through this project PATRON will also continue to inspire and educate their community by offering several workshops on various topics, such as: conscious ski touring & splitboarding; trailrun meets CleanUP; bikepacking is the new vanlife; back to the forest. In addition, PATRON will be offering a topic-specific workshop with CleanUP Talk during at least four CleanUP events.

PATRON will also be developing their CleanUP Days to take on the role of “flagship events” with a view, in the long-term, to create “PATRON Divisions” throughout Europe – offering CleanUP events with PATRON’s support. The first “member CleanUP” will take place near Valencia, Spain in May 2024.

The project aims to have at least 20,000 volunteers register via PATRON’s CleanUP Map, have around 200 workshop participants, and clean between 10 – 15,000 kilometres in about 35 different destinations.