A movement towards Plasticfree Peaks

Patron’s mission through its initiative Plasticfree Peaks is to take an active role in the protection, restoration, and conservation of wild spaces by actively fighting plastic pollution. Through CleanUP events and workshops, Patron’s goal is to initiate an intrinsic change of consciousness and inspire people to bring the protective instinct within themselves to life.

Patron’s main goal is the restoration of wild spaces by actively reducing the plastic pollution that is endangering them, and the species that live within them. This project will build an online workshop programme for adults, through this Patron aims to inspire and teach a responsible approach to nature, especially in outdoor sports. On the ground clean-up actions aim to engage with 10,000 volunteers and clean 8-10,000km. And a digital questionaire will be sent to particpants to get a better idea of the composition of the collected trash.

EOCA member, icebreaker, will be generously raising funds for Green Friday to support Patron’s work.

In addition to this, EOCA member, deuter, will also be raising money for Patron and its work throughout the Green Friday week of 20-26 November.