Past Projects - 2013/14

Please see below for details of past projects supported by EOCA, along with updates following the work that was carried out.
High altitude habitats for Snow Leopards, Indian Himalaya
Snow Leopard Trust’s mission is to protect the snow leopard and its mountain ecosystem through a balanced approach that addresses the needs of the local people and the environment. From the local village level up to national government policies, the Trust strives to empower people living in snow leopard habitat to improve their lives while becoming better stewards of their environment. more detail
Regreening Ségou, Mali Regreening Segou - benefitting families
TREE AID was established in 1987 by a group of foresters in response to the Ethiopian famine. Their aim was to establish a sustainable way of supporting poor rural communities in Africa. TREE AID help villagers, particularly women, to reduce poverty, protect their environment and earn income from the planting and protection of trees.

Between 1990 and 2010, Mali lost over 11 % of its tree cover. Ségou is part of Mali’s arid Sahelian zone which has suffered dramatic deforestation due to agricultural land clearance, fuelwood use and fodder collection. This has led to soil erosion and desertification.
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Protect and Restore Orangutan Habitat, Southern Borneo Orangutan. Photo Credit Thea Powell/OuTrop
The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Trust seeks to preserve, protect, restore and safeguard the tropical peat-swamp forests of southern Borneo and the biodiversity found within them, notably the endangered orangutan, both for the benefit of the biodiversity and the public. more detail
Discover Târnava Mare, Romania Cycling in Romania
Fundatia ADEPT Transilvania supports and preserves the high nature value landscapes of Romania, and the small scale farming communities that have created them.
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Fruits for Bears, Spain Brown Bears in Spain
The mission of Fondo para la Protección de los Animales Salvajes (FAPAS) is the conservation of Cantabrian Mountain ecosystems, with a particular focus on the protection of threatened fauna in the area. more detail
Mountain Forests, Catalonia  Catalonia
The mission of Bergwaldprojekt/ Projecte Boscos de Muntanya is to maintain, care for and protect, forest and cultural landscapes in mountain regions, through forest management operations and education. more detail
Snow leopard conservation, Altai mountains  Snow Leopard (photo credit Biosphere Expeditions)
Biosphere Expeditions promotes sustainable conservation and preservation of the planet’s wildlife by forging alliances between scientists and the public. Scientists, local people and volunteer members of the public work together on expeditions to conduct scientific studies and conservation efforts. more detail
EPIC – Exploring (& Education about) Peaks, Inspiring Conservation Raising awareness of leave no trace and sharing mini bins with mountain users
Respect the Mountains organises the Envirotrek Clean Up Series each year, in different mountain locations to bring together volunteers (tourists and locals) to clean up a mountain area. Often these areas are centred around resorts after the snow has disappeared or mountain recreation areas. At the same time, Respect the Mountains engages with participants in these events to educate and inform and draw attention to the ‘7 ways’ of respecting the mountains.
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The grant has helped fulfil an important goal for us, providing mountaineers with safe access to the Alps, supporting awareness of the beauty and wilderness of this unique alpine landscape.
Peter Weber, Deutsche Alpen Verein