Past Projects - 2012/13

Please see below for details of past projects supported by EOCA, along with updates following the work that was carried out.
Conservation of large carnivores, West Carpathians Lynx - Karel Borez
The mission of Hnuti DUHA Olomouc (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic) is to protect the environment in Central and North Moravia and to involve the public in important environmental issues.
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Tough EU action on Marine Litter The result of plastic in our oceans
Seas at Risk is an international network which advocates environmentally sound policies at European and International level.
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Restoration of the Kaiserjoch Trail, Germany Kaiserjoch - DAV Sektion Leutkirch
The German Alpine Club (DAV) emphasises nature protection in the Alps as well as the support of environmentally friendly sports and recreation in the mountains.
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Mountain Forests, Catalonia Mountain Forests
Bergwaldprojekt Catalonia works for the maintenance, protection and care of forest and mountain scenery through forestry management and improving public awareness. Volunteering weeks are organised for the public to undertake conservation and protection work to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of mountain forests.
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Steall Gorge Path Repair, Scotland Spectacular Steall Gorge - Carol Newbiggin
The John Muir Trust is the leading wild land conservation charity in the UK. It is dedicated to protecting and improving wild places for people and wildlife and is supported by over 10,000 members.  Over 115,000 hectares of Scotland’s wild land are safeguarded by the Trust, including Ben Nevis.
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Into the Meadows, UK Murker Moor
Working with farmers, local communities and other organisations to support the environmental, social and economic well-being of the area the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust’s main focus is to conserve the physical heritage features making up the landscape of the Dales.
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Mountain Clean Up The end of a mountain clean-up day
There are estimated to be 100 million visitors in the European Alps each year, which presents a huge challenge in preserving these mountain environments. There is a growing need to provide necessary awareness campaigns to ensure mountain tourists are aware of the pressures that these popular holiday destinations are under. To give back to these nature areas, Respect the Mountains organises the Envirotrek Series: hikes to enjoy nature and help her by – simply – cleaning up. A simple way of giving back that is enjoyable and effective.

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Landscape Dynamics Sagamartha National Park, Nepal Namche 2008.  Photo A Byers
Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern and Environmental Management 21: identifying sustainable best practices in mountain regions.
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Coastal Protection Activists, UK Beach clean up
Surfers against Sewage (SAS) is focussed on protecting the UKs oceans, waves, and beaches for all to access, use and enjoy safely and sustainably. They do this through a network of volunteers, carrying out practical conservation actions, education, campaigning and scientific research.
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The grant has helped fulfil an important goal for us, providing mountaineers with safe access to the Alps, supporting awareness of the beauty and wilderness of this unique alpine landscape.
Peter Weber, Deutsche Alpen Verein