Past Projects - 2009/10

Please see below for details of past projects supported by EOCA, along with updates following the work that was carried out.
Surfers Against Sewage Campaign
Surfers against Sewage (SAS) campaign for clean and safe recreational water, free from sewage effluents, toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and marine litter. It has a reputation as one of the UK’s most effective environmental campaign groups, with actions including organising beach clean-ups, reporting local pollution incidents, reporting bad practices occurring at a local level and contacting councils and local Members of Parliament about issues affecting local beach environments and recreational water users.
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Makay Nature Project
This French conservation organisation, Naturevolution, aims to advise on the human, biological and landscape diversity all over the world, raising awareness of and combating environmental issues.
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Brown Bear Conservation
Euronatur is a registered and well established non profit organisation with objectives including; implementation of nature conservation and species protection projects, maintenance of endangered populations of wild animals and their habitat, fostering cross-border cooperation with international experts and participation in planning and implementation of large scale protected areas.

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Reconstruction of Gamsscharte
The aims of the German Alpine Club (DAV) include the advancement of sport, especially in the Alps and lower mountain ranges and the conservation of nature and the environment. The association also promotes projects which can be undertaken by individual sections of the DAV, as well as undertaking and managing joint projects.
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New Virgin Forest Project
With around 200 volunteers and managing over 50 hectares of ‘ecologically worthless’ land, Cmelák works to prove that no land is irredeemable through practical conservation work and environmental education.
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Restoration of sand pits for wildlife
Calla is a long-established organisation that aims to assist local people to conserve the environment, contribute to the preservation of valuable ecosystems and support the development of renewable energy resources.
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Protection of the Red-Footed Falcon
The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) works for the conservation of wild birds, sites and habitats important to their survival and for biodiversity as a whole.
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Human-Predator Conflict in Namibia
Biosphere Expeditions promotes sustainable conservation and preservation of the planet’s wildlife by forging alliances between scientists and the public. Working closely with local people and scientists, expeditions aim to benefit the local community, their society and their environment, particularly to make a difference to the survival of a particular species or habitat under threat.
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The grant has helped fulfil an important goal for us, providing mountaineers with safe access to the Alps, supporting awareness of the beauty and wilderness of this unique alpine landscape.
Peter Weber, Deutsche Alpen Verein