Past Projects - 2008/09

Please see below for details of past projects supported by EOCA, along with updates following the work that was carried out.
Allgäu Forest Restoration
The Bergwald Project was started in Switzerland in 1986 and over the years, 15,000 people have been given the chance to work on forestry conservation projects. Since 1991 the Bergwald Project has planted over 180,000 indigenous trees in the Allgäu region of Germany, with the objective of maintaining the Allgäu Barrier and stabilising the ecosystem to give the forest the greatest ability to withstand global warming
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Ett klick för skogen (one mouse click for the forest)
‘Ett klick för skogen’ was started by people who felt passionately that Sweden’s indigenous forest needed better protection as there is a tendency to view them as mere commodities, not differentiating between commercial forestry and conservation grade forestry. As a result many are being included in commercial ‘clear felling’ plans and are as a result lost for ever. Ett klick för skogen raises money to purchase native woodland in order to hold them in trust for their landscape, flora, fauna and recreational value.
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Hiking Trail, Jablanica-Shebenik Mountain Ridge
The objectives of The European Nature Heritage Fund - Euronatur are to implement nature conservation and species protection projects with the aim of maintaining endangered populations of wild animals and their habitats. The work is carried out by close cooperation with local and regional partners thereby fostering cross-border cooperation of international experts.
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Gottmadingen Nature Reserve
The Lake Constance Foundation (Bodensee Stiftung) is made up of a number of local conservation groups that are working together to combine resources to protect and enhance the Lake Constance environment through coordinating, moderating and advising. It aims to establish partnerships that work towards sustainable economic development whilst protecting the environment.
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Kites Hill Woodland Project
The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity based in Halesworth, Suffolk. Since its foundation in 1989 the World Land Trust has been working to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands, and has helped purchase and protect over 350,000 acres of habitats rich in wildlife, in Asia, Central and South America and the UK. The Trust’s key objective is to protect and sustainably manage natural eco-systems.
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Kyrgyzstan Mountain Project
The Association for Intercultural Exchange and Development e.V. (Verein für kulturellen Austausch und Entwicklung e.V.) was founded in 1995 to support projects in developing countries, Its mission is “To care for intercultural exchange with people from developing countries and to combat poverty in close co-operation with multinational companies”.
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Pesticides Research Project
PAN Europe is a small, not for profit organisation, which works to motivate and co-ordinate some 50 environmental and public health NGO’s, based across Europe, in pushing for more effective controls on pesticides and the wider adoption of sustainable pest management strategies. Since 2002 PAN Europe has placed a specific emphasis on working to promote the creation and implementation of tougher EU legislation on pesticides.
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Wet Meadowland Restoration
Sdružení Krajina is a land trust founded in 1997 to protect and enhance endangered wetland meadow habitats. It is now one of the largest preservation land trusts in the Czech Republic yet only controls 150 Hectares of land. Wet sphagnum meadowlands were once common in the Czech Republic but increasingly intensive agriculture has led to them disappearing at an alarming rate. The wet meadowland sustains a very wide and extensive biodiversity and is an important element in local water quality.
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The grant has helped fulfil an important goal for us, providing mountaineers with safe access to the Alps, supporting awareness of the beauty and wilderness of this unique alpine landscape.
Peter Weber, Deutsche Alpen Verein