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An Egyptian Vulture. Photo credit Svetoslav Spasov, BSPB
An Egyptian Vulture. Photo credit Svetoslav Spasov, BSPB

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The project will make a viable contribution to implementing the BSPB long-term strategy for conserving the Egyptian vulture, which is probably the most threatened European raptor. This charismatic bird is especially threatened in Bulgaria where its population has drastically decreased by over 80% in the last couple of decades. The OBJECTIVE of the current grant application is to contribute to the effort of preventing the national extinction of the species. Given that currently Bulgaria forms the stronghold of these raptors on the Balkans national extinction means throwing more negative shades to the future of the species in Europe as a vital link between the still healthy Iberian and Asian population will be compromised. Convinced that investment in and effort for preserving nature could not be successful or sustainable in the long term unless public and especially local communities embrace the conservation cause and take informed decision to become part of that effort. Therefore we plan to engage local stakeholders in delivering THREE TANGIBLE OUTCOMES: 1) Eliminate the most significant direct threats to breeding pairs, through protecting nests and improving food availability for the most vulnerable Egyptian vulture pairs through nest guarding and supplementary feeding. 2) Prevent disturbance in breeding areas by channelling visitor flaw in the vicinity of the town of Madzharovo. We plan to renovate the vulture exhibition and establish new outdoor trails. 3) The tourist facilities of the Vulture information centre and the in the surrounding protected areas will be enhanced to make the area more attractive for the visitors. The project is designed to eliminate part of the most significant threats to the Egyptian vulture population and envisages maximum engagement of local people – be it as volunteers in the direct field work, or as part of the local support groups.
Eastern Rhodes Madsharovo
Eastern Rhodes Madsharovo

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We are hugely grateful for the support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, without whose support we could never have realised such an ambitious project.
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