Black Rhinos in South Africa

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Beautiful ... but threatened
Beautiful ... but threatened

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Africa’s rhino species, the black and white rhinos are of huge importance for the country’s ecosystem and economy. However, more than ever, the rhino populations are facing a serious threat through the alarming increase of poaching incidences in recent years. In South Africa alone in 2012, 333 rhinos were illegally killed - nearly triple that of 2009. The world rhino population has fallen by 90% in the last 30 years, and more than 80% of the world’s rhino species are extinct today and urgent action is required, not only to prevent the extinction of a single species, but to protect income generation of many through tourism, and the protection of numerous other species and habitats as a result. As just an increase in armed game rangers will not stem the problem, a more holistic approach is required, involving local stakeholders and implementing new conservational approaches. This project, based in Somkhanda Community Game reserve involves.
  • monitoring and tracking of 17 rhino via a GPS unit of the Rhino’s horn, which will enable tracking at night, when most poaching incidences occur, enabling wardens to react immediately if anything unusual occurs. This has been trialled with 7 of the rhinos in this reserve, with a 100% success rate
  • awareness raising programme for the local population show how valuable rhinos are for the ecology and economy of Africa.
  • dissemination of the project’s model and replication potential among national and international stakeholders.
  • habitat conservation refreshing the anima’s gene pools through building corridors between reserves and increase of animal habitat
  • building the basis for sustainable development of eco tourism in the region
Majestic creatures
Majestic creatures
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