Gottmadingen Nature Reserve


The Lake Constance Foundation (Bodensee Stiftung) is made up of a number of local conservation groups that are working together to combine resources to protect and enhance the Lake Constance environment through coordinating, moderating and advising. It aims to establish partnerships that work towards sustainable economic development whilst protecting the environment.

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The Project

The Gottmadingen project has been jointly developed with the local Friends of the Earth Group as well as local farmers and bee keepers, the Gotttmadingen municipality, forest agencies and the Lake Constance Foundation.

The nature reserve of Hardtseen is comprised of 4 lakes with a surface area of 2 hectares, large meadows with scattered fruit trees, dry grassland on former vineyards and oak and beech forest. The whole area is an important natural resource and has a rich flora and fauna with a wide bio-diversity.

The project aims to develop and install an information trail with 12 – 14 information boards covering topics such as nature conservation, biodiversity, bees, landscape history, landscape protection, agriculture and forestry. The trail will be 4.2 km long but will frame an area of 60 Hectares. The project will also develop an environmental education package which will be offered to local and regional educational providers.

The Update

The first objective was to develop and install a high quality information boards along the trail to encourage recreation in the local area. After the local and regional stakeholders were identified, they were then approached to be involved in the project. The route of the trail was finalised, and information panels were designed and put in place once consensus as to their location had been found.

The second objective was to increase the awareness of local people about the features and connections between nature and the cultural landscape. 5000 leaflets informing the local area of the trail were designed and printed. There was an official opening on the 12th October 2008 attended by the local communities as well as schools, associations, clubs, the media and Friends of the Earth.

The third and final objective was to improve the service given to the public by local and regional environment education officers. High quality guided tours are now available on the trail, informing and educating walkers about the importance of biodiversity and conservation in the area.
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We are hugely grateful for the support of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, without whose support we could never have realised such an ambitious project.
Hugo Tagholm, Surfers Against Sewage