One Percent for the Planet

1% for the Planet inspires companies to become a part of the solution by embracing the environment as a core value and investing at least 1% of their annual revenue with sustainability-focused non-profits. They connect these companies with approved high impact environmental champions, fostering collaboration while ensuring mutual accountability.
We're an approved partner of 1% for the Planet!
We're an approved partner of 1% for the Planet!
Just before OutDoor in 2011, Patagonia Europe nominated EOCA as a 1% for the Planet recipient – which was subsequently approved.

This means that 1% for the Planet member companies, who have all committed to give 1% of their sales annually to approved environmental groups, as Patagonia has been doing since 1985, can now name EOCA as one of their recipients. We are very hopeful that this approval will lead to a productive new funding stream in the future and boost our ability to fund further conservation projects each year.

On the 12th March 2012, we were delighted to announce that KORS 2012 became the first 1% for the planet member to donate their 1% to EOCA.  Not only that, but they also decided to become fully paid up members of EOCA.  Find more information about KORS here
If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support our projects, please click the donate button below.
EOCA-funding for the Saving Mount Everest project helped us to reduce the amount of waste and to develop a better understanding for an adequate and sustainable waste management in the National Park and World Nature Heritage Mount Everest region.
Elisabeth Mackner, EcoHimal