Current Projects

Please see below for the projects that our members and supporters voted to fund this year:
Reforestation and ecotourism to protect biodiversity, Brazil Muriqui with young

Preserve Muriqui aims to Save the Critically Endangered Northern Muriquis from extinction by protecting and expanding its habitat.

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Treasure Island: Saving Bangkaru's Endangered Species, Indonesia Bangkaru Island image Alex Westover

Ecosystem Impact Foundation / Yayasan Ecosystem Impact works to keep the wild landscapes of Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands, Aceh, Indonesia, wild through a sustainability approach where nature, people and business thrive alongside each other.

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Attractive landscape - for people, for nature, Czech Republic Common Kingfisher. Image Alcedo Atthis

Cmelák’s main mission is to protect and restore the diversity of nature. For 28 years it has been returning life to its diversity, richness and beauty from where it had disappeared due to human activity. The organisation’s objectives are to contribute to the restoration of natural forests and the rescue of endangered native tree species and increase the number of places where endangered species of plants and animals find their home. The organisation involves the public in its activities, especially in practical field work, and inspire other landowners.

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Sustainable Trails in Cochamó Valley, Chilean Patagonia Cochamo Landscape

Source International ONLUS provides scientific and technical assistance and training to communities who will use it to protect the environments in which they live, aiming to empower communities that live in the most polluted places on earth.

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Clean up action for vulnerable natural habitats, Ukraine The Scale of the Problem

PAPILIO aims, among other things to learn and spread the word about the natural resources and folk traditions of Transcarpathia, planning, managing and implementing of theoretical and practical ecological research, and to carry out small-scale landscape rehabilitation. To develop environmentally friendly forest and grassland management.

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Preserving the Headwaters Forest in Córdoba, Argentina Healthy Tabaquillos Forest

Fundación Actividades Biosféricas is a partner of Acción Serrana, a coalition of institutions and individuals committed to the conservation and ecological restoration of the mountain ecosystems throughout the mountains of South America.

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Rescuing the Yorkshire Dales’ iconic wildflower meadows, UK Wharfedale Meadow image Paul Michael

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) aims to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas.

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If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support us, please click on the donate button below. Money received will help support the small EOCA team and its conservation work.
The grant from the EOCA kick started WLT’s support of a new and vital Elephant Corridor project from Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, northern India, where local communities, currently encountering conflict with Elephants and Tigers are very keen to be relocated. As well as providing vital funding for this project the EOCA grant leveraged match-funding from another WLT donor which is testament to the importance of the EOCA’s support.
John A Burton, CEO, World Land Trust