Current Projects

Please see below for the projects that our members and supporters voted to fund this year:
Volunteering for Healthy Landscapes, Czech Republic Volunteering.  Image Ester Dobiasove


Since 1998 Hnutí DUHA has been organising volunteering weeks to make it possible for volunteers to get directly involved in conservation whilst learning to better understand nature and the environment. Over the course of 23 years, a total of 2,246 volunteers have spent 77,460 hours working voluntarily to support nature and biodiversity, planting more than 200,000 trees and benefitting numerous meadows, forests, peatlands and other precious habitats and ecosystems.

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 Oceans Initiative, Europe Ocean Initiatives

FUNDRAISER PROJECT - Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea. ALL funds have now been raised for this project - thank you to all who contributed to making this project a success!

Surfrider Foundation Europe is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Europe’s oceans, seas, beaches, lakes, rivers and coastlines.

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Plastic Free Woodlands, UK The size of the problem ....

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) cares for the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales and helps everyone to appreciate and enjoy this special place.

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Fishing Plastic: Magdalena River Clean-Up, Colombia Magdalena River

Fundación Proyecto Primates’ mission is working towards the conservation of primates and their habitats in Colombia and northern South America. Their main goal is to protect primates and the ecosystems they live in through research, education, empowering communities and stakeholders, and through local capacity building.

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Paddling, Cleaning, Teaching, Brazil Beach Cleaning with a Stand Up Paddleboard

APRENDER Ecology (Actions for the Preservation of Natural Resources and Reasonable Economic Development) aims to protect the environment as well as diffuse and collective rights, the preservation of natural resources, and rational economic development. APRENDER seeks to improve the quality of life through environmental education while encouraging the exercise of eco-citizenship and volunteering.

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Dos Manos, Spain Turtle caught in FAD

Save the Med Foundation envisions a clean and healthy Mediterranean Sea and works, through research, education and prevention, to recover its rich biodiversity and permit it to thrive in harmony with prospering, environmentally conscious and proactive local populations.

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Clear the Bay by Day, UK Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay Partnership’s vision is a thriving Bay, rich in landscape, wildlife and culture which connects and inspires residents and visitors alike. Their aims are to celebrate the Bay's landscape and history, conserve the Bay's nature, culture and heritage, connect to improve access and quality of life and collaborate with key partners and the community.

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Stop the ALPs becoming Plastic Mountains, Italy Mountain Huts in Snow

The European Research Institute (ERI) is a non-profit organisation that works to promote research and experimentation for innovation in scientific and social fields. Its main objective is to improve the environment, economic, and cultural conditions of European citizens and promote respect for the territory and the living being.

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Esterri de Cardós Valley, Spain Esterri de Cardós

Fundació Projecte Boscos de Muntanya run volunteering conservation work holidays in the mountains of Spain to manage and maintain the local forests.

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Reforestation and Wildfire Prevention, Indonesian Borneo Seedling Nursery

Yayasan Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI) promotes healthy human communities and rainforest ecosystems in Indonesian Borneo.Their Garden to Forest programme works with farmers to reforest these gardens into habitats of native fruit and hardwood trees that are productive for both the farmer and wildlife.

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SYLVAE : Old-Growth Forest Network in Auvergne, France Old Growth Forest

In the Auvergne, forests represent more than 27 % of the territory but most of them have been logged, fragmented or disturbed by human activities. However, there are still certain forests that, having been hardly disturbed or left completely unexploited for a very long time, have maintained or regained aspect, composition and functioning close to the original natural forests. These forests, known an “old-growth forests”, have numerous ecological, scientific, social, cultural and other qualities.

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 ECO Relief, Lesvos, Greece

Lighthouse Relief is based in a very small community on Lesvos, Greece.  Founded in response to the thousands of refugees arriving every day in rubber dinghies, the organisation is embedded in the local community providing a humanitarian response to the crisis.  ECO Relief was formed in response to the huge amount of refuse left as a result of the refugee landings.  The work not only protects the local environment but also the local main economies of fishing and tourism.

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 Conservation of Ringed Seals, Lake Saimaa, Finland

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) is the largest non-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. Its purpose is to protect the environment, promote nature conservation, preserve cultural heritage, and promote active citizenship and environmental awareness.

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Expedition 2020: Cleaning up the Wadden Sea Waddensea Clean Up

Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon (SDDNZS) is a group of dedicated volunteers committing their time to achieve a cleaner and healthier North Sea, preserve biodiversity, cultural heritage, and the recovery of reefs in the North Sea. SDDNZS specialises in the recovery of lost fishing nets (ghost nets), plastics, and other rubbish in the marine environment.

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The Tarkine Wilderness Project Tarkine Wilderness. Image Rob Blakers

The Bob Brown Foundation takes action to protect Australia’s wild and scenic natural places of ecological and global significance.

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 Fell Care Days 2020 Hard at work

Friends of the Lake District aims to: care for the scenic beauty, rich wildlife and historic heritage of our county’s landscapes; ensure Cumbria's landscapes are passed on to future generations in as good or better condition than they are now; and, encourage people to appreciate our special county – everyone has a right to enjoy Cumbria’s magnificent landscapes.

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 Explore with Purpose: Cleaning up Germany Planet Patrol in action

Planet Patrol is a community-led movement sitting at the intersection of environment and wellbeing. Its mission is to ignite and drive behavioural, industrial and political change through community action and citizen science, exploring natural places whilst cleaning up and protecting our planet and wildlife for the future.

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 Trash Free Trails - Purposeful Adventures Aerial Trail Photo: Sam Needham

Trash Free Trails (TFT) is a community-focussed, non-profit organisation; a positive, inclusive call to arms for riders, runners and roamers alike. TFT exists to protect our trails and the wild places they take us, and they are starting with litter (aka - Plastic Pollution!).

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 Mountain Clean-up Tour in Italy Hasliberg clean-up

Summit Foundation aims to reduce the environmental impact of human activity in high traffic locations by proposing concrete solutions and awareness-raising methods, both to public bodies and to companies.

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The grant from the EOCA kick started WLT’s support of a new and vital Elephant Corridor project from Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, northern India, where local communities, currently encountering conflict with Elephants and Tigers are very keen to be relocated. As well as providing vital funding for this project the EOCA grant leveraged match-funding from another WLT donor which is testament to the importance of the EOCA’s support.
John A Burton, CEO, World Land Trust