We like to highlight the exciting and sustainable work our members are involved in, and EOCA member NZERO is no exception.  Creating cleaning and friction reducing products for outdoor activities, NZERO is committed to ensuring that none of their harm the health of the planet in any way.

We all know that greenhouse gasses, oil drilling, and carbon emissions are detrimental to the health of the planet, but have you thought about how our everyday items may also contribute to nature’s vulnerable state? A significant majority of the products that we use every day contain traces of toxins, PFAS, and forever chemicals. It is easy to throw these terms around but to truly understand their impact can help the collective effort toward mitigating climate change. The chemicals previously listed are deeply entrenched in the manufacturing process, with long-term damage lasting far beyond any of our lifetimes. To combat this, EOCA member NZERO has committed to creating products for outdoor snow sports and cycling that are organic, plant-based, and free from the chemicals that are harming the health of the Earth and all living things.

It begins with the manufacture of cleaning and friction reducing products, such as ski wax and chain lubricant.  Traditional production with petrol chemicals consumes large amounts of energy, releasing CO2 and toxins into the environment. The resultant products themselves are base oils and other ingredients that can be very toxic. A standard ingredient in today’s chain lubricants is PTFE, is part of the family of Petro Fluoro Chemicals (PFCs). These chemicals, referred to as “Forever Chemicals”, do not biodegrade. As the subject of the film “Dark Waters”, they have caused the poisoning of workers and wildlife around the factories that produce them. These chemicals are also found in applications as diverse as cooking pans, clothing, and water bottles. Today they continue to be deposited in our environment causing damage to wildlife and entering our drinking water.

Ironically, when tested in the lab, it is often found that these man-made components, such as PTFE, Graphene, and Silicon do not actually perform as stated, and the process of applying in spray format leads to inhalation of such chemicals. As cyclists and skiers, we should be protecting the very thing that we seek to enjoy (the environment) and also protecting ourselves when we clean and lubricate our bicycles, or apply ski wax. Unfortunately, many of today’s lubricants claim ‘eco’, or ‘biodegradability’ for products that have just a small percentage of biodegradable components, with the fractional distillation manufacturing process for these oil-based cycle lubricants estimated to generate over 118.000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions per year.

There is a more sustainable way. NZERO, based in Barcelona, is part of the ‘green tribology’ industry.  The company has a clear mission to develop and provide high-tech natural waxes and lubricants. Using laboratory analysis of vegetable oils and other organic materials, the team has  simulated and produced products that meet the unique demands of sports such as skiing and cycling.

NZero bike wet lube

For example, NZERO’s 100% organic WET LUBE is hyper-efficient, allowing cyclists to ride for over 100 km per lube with the lowest levels of friction, plus maximised water and corrosion resistance. It is the first to obtain the coveted EU ECOLABEL certification demonstrating its sustainable and biodegradable properties. This certification requires a detailed review of the makeup of the product and its components, as well as its packaging.  The ECOLABEL ensures that at least 25% of the product is made of natural, organic material, whereas NZERO’s product reaches over 85%. In a market where petrol chemicals are abundant in every step of the process, NZERO has worked hard to prioritise the sustainability of its products. 

Added to their WET LUBE, NZERO has recently launched a DRY WAX. This is also based on a performance mix of organic components, but puts the emphasis on dirt rejection rather than water resistance. It is applied as a liquid, but converts to a translucent wax penetrating and lubricating the chain’s internal rollers, whilst the chain stays clean and shiny.

Ski and snowboard wax

For avid skiers, NZERO has also developed a range of ski and snowboard waxes, patented and approved by associations such as the German Ski Association. Easily applicable at home, or to rental skis or snowboards on a ski trip, their products let users glide and curve to the best of their ability whilst ensuring that petrol chemicals are not entering the snow, the wildlife and the local water system.

NZERO makes incorporating sustainability into recreational and competition activities easy and effective, and with an increasing call for environmental protection, it is important that we all implement sustainable practices into every part of our life. The responsibility to maintain the health of our favourite places falls on each and every one of our shoulders. How will you answer nature’s call?

For more information about NZERO and its products, visit the NZERO website now.