EOCA Celebrates: One Million Euros and Four Million Consumers!

Release date: 26 June 2012

Following the achievements of 2011 was always going to be tough. Yet this July at OutDoor, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) stands proudly with more successes to report - and more than was ever imagined 12 months ago.

2012 is a year for incredible celebration for EOCA and its members, having smashed the magnificent milestone of raising its first €1 million in just six years since it was created - 100% of which has been put straight into conservation projects worldwide.

Acting President of EOCA and Head of Keen EMEA John Jansen said, "This is a very important milestone to have reached in such a short space of time. A huge amount of money has been raised to put back into the environment on which we all depend. As a very tangible success for the outdoor industry, we should be proud to have been - and continue to be - part of it".


And EOCA is not just celebrating having raised huge numbers in terms of money. It is also celebrating reaching huge numbers of outdoor consumers through this year’s public vote, as more and more of the public become aware of what the outdoor industry is achieving.

Details of 2012's shortlisted projects were published across Europe in magazines and online to encourage readers to vote for their favourite one. The public vote reached over 4 million consumers via print, online and social media with a massive total of 55,263 votes cast to help choose the projects to receive funding.

Joint General Manager, Tanya Bascombe added, "To be able to put EOCA and its members in front of such a large number of people has been truly staggering. The enthusiasm with which people took part and spread the message was incredible and shows not only the commitment outdoor people have for protecting wild places, but also that they care what the outdoor industry is doing about it".

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EOCA-funding for the Saving Mount Everest project helped us to reduce the amount of waste and to develop a better understanding for an adequate and sustainable waste management in the National Park and World Nature Heritage Mount Everest region.
Elisabeth Mackner, EcoHimal