EOCA Launches 2021 Fundraiser Project

Release date: 01 April 2021

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) has today launched a bid to raise money to fund a new conservation project directly related to its new two year focus Wild for Nature: EOCA’s Landscape Legacy Project. Not only this, but one EOCA member has already stepped in to provide seed funding to start the work!
Volunteering.  Image Ester Dobiasove
Volunteering. Image Ester Dobiasove

The new project, Volunteering for Healthy Landscapes, carried out by NGO Hnuti DUHA, will enable 14 volunteer weeks to be carried out over the course of two summers in the Czech Republic.  These weeks will support nature and biodiversity, planting more than 200,000 trees and restoring numerous meadows, forests, peatlands and other precious habitats and ecosystems.  This fits perfectly with EOCA’s new focus, which not only addresses the threat of climate change but also the urgent issue of the loss of biodiversity – ensuring the habitats being conserved are those that store carbon, reduce emissions, enable adaptations to climate change, and/or protect against further habitat and biodiversity loss.

EOCA member Cumulus, was looking to make a donation to a specific conservation project and was delighted to be able to provide a welcome first boost to the funds needed to support this vital project.   Anna Wylezek, Communication Officer for Cumulus said, “We have relatively recently joined EOCA and wanted to help fund a project which looked after wild landscapes, particularly in Eastern Europe. This project ticks all those boxes for us, and we are thrilled to enable it to get off the ground!”


Tanya Bascombe, Joint General Manager of EOCA said, “This project fits perfectly with our new strategy, to support projects that help fight climate change, as well as our new focus protecting against the loss of biodiversity.  We are very excited that our fundraising for this project has started so well with the donation from Cumulus, and all donations coming in via our website this year will be going to help raise further funds to ensure this vital work can take place.”

More details about the fundraiser project can be found, and donations made HERE

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Thank you ever so much for your help and the support of EOCA - the association is a wonderful idea and clearly has huge potential to do good.
Dr Philip McGowan, Director, World Pheasant Association