10 New Members for EOCA!

Release date: 27 November 2017

This summer and autumn have seen an influx of new members to the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA).  From agencies and distributors to drinks and mountaineering guides, the number of companies wanting to get involved in looking after the environment is continuing to rise.

Proud Members of EOCA
Proud Members of EOCA

The ten new members range from new start-ups to established companies and from Sweden to Indonesia, all serving the European outdoor industry.   EOCA is delighted to welcome Pinguin, one of the oldest Czech producers of outdoor and camping equipment; UK distributor Ultralight Outdoor Gear Ltd; Dutch media agency and media partner of EOCA 333 Media; UK based agency Proagencies, specialising in the outdoor and travel markets; Swiss multifunctional clothing and equipment brand Bergstop GmbH; Swedish functional lightweight camping product brand Wildo, newly launched natural spirit drink handcrafted in the mountains of Austria: Moose – The Alpine Spirit; load hauler and soft bag supplier PT Tasindo Tassa Industries; social enterprise WakaWaka, selling and distributing solar lights, chargers and panels and finally, Frost Guiding Courses, who provide guided mountaineering holidays.

Lukás Soumar, Company Director of Pinguin was excited to join EOCA and said, “Just because we are producing new products, does not mean we can ignore our responsibility to participate in looking after planet Earth”.  Harry Meakin, founder of Moose said “We believe deeply that precious natural spaces like the Alps should be looked after. We are donating €1 from every bottle we sell to conservation projects in the mountains”.   Lawrence Friell, co director of Proagencies added, “Looking after the environment is everyone’s responsibility, particularly ours as an industry when we are actively encouraging our customers to get out there and enjoy it”.


Tanya Bascombe, Joint General Manager of EOCA added, “More and more companies are seeing EOCA as a way to be able to make a positive difference to our environment, and the more companies that get involved, the larger the impact we can have.  Looking after our environment is no longer just a ‘nice thing to do’; it is a responsibility for all of us and the fact that so many companies in the outdoor industry are recognising that and joining forces to act together is testament to that.”

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"Support from The North Face Explore Fund via EOCA has completely transformed our Project. We have hired two new staff members, expanded our volunteer programme, supported the regeneration of tens of thousands of native trees, hosted new primary schools and restored an upland peat bog. Over the past 12 months we have made impressive progress towards our long-term goal of restoring 630 hectares of wild native woodland in the Lake District National Park. Support from EOCA has raised our ambition. We now have our sights set on even larger scale restoration of native woodlands and other wildlife habitats. "

Dominick Spracklen and John Hodgson, Restoring Hardknott Forest, University of Leeds