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Release date: 09 March 2011

Over the next few weeks, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts across Europe will be joining forces to vote for conservation projects worldwide.
Project Voting
Project Voting

In what is becoming an annual event, the European Outdoor Conservation Association, a partnership of outdoor businesses across Europe working together to raise money to put into grassroots conservation projects, is asking for help from the outdoor enthusiast in deciding which projects to support for the coming year.

In partnership with 4 national magazines - Trail in the UK, Alpin in Germany, National Geographic Germany and Lift / Bike & Trekking / Sport-Partner in the Netherlands, 19 projects will be put up for the vote. Each magazine will display totally different projects, and readers of each magazine will choose one project that will be funded by EOCA during 2011/12.

Until recently, the EOCA members have exclusively selecting the projects for funding. Then last year, a trial with readers of Trail magazine in the UK produced an astonishing response, with19,000 voters keen to make their voices heard. This year, voters across Europe will have the opportunity to have their say.


Projects applying for funding can request up to a maximum of €30,000 and are subject to strict criteria to make them eligible for funding. Since it’s inception, and in just 4 short years, EOCA has funded conservation projects all over the world to the tune of €640,000, and is on course to hit its first €million in 2012! “This is a very exciting time for the European Outdoor Conservation Association,” said Holger Bismann, President of the Association and Managing Director of Patagonia Europe. “Getting the consumer involved includes them in the work the brands are doing - and ultimately shows us what type of conservation project the outdoor enthusiast really cares about”.

Voting starts with Trail magazine in the UK on 9th March and ends a few weeks later on the National Geographic Germany website on 25th April. To get involved and have your say - you can vote once for each group of projects - click here

Simple. Get reading. Get voting. Make a difference.

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EOCA-funding for the Saving Mount Everest project helped us to reduce the amount of waste and to develop a better understanding for an adequate and sustainable waste management in the National Park and World Nature Heritage Mount Everest region.
Elisabeth Mackner, EcoHimal