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Nikwax® Waterproofing is the global leading manufacturer of cleaning and waterproofing aftercare products for outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. For over 30 years we have been at the forefront of research and development and the manufacture of products that deliver the highest possible performance while leaving a minimum environmental impact.

When did you join EOCA?

July 2006

Why our company is involved with EOCA?

Nikwax’s ethos is entirely centred around doing business in a way that minimises its impact on the environment. Working with EOCA gives us the opportunity to go one step further by actually having a clear positive impact, conserving environments that would otherwise be neglected or in the worst cases simply cease to exist. It also allows us to work with like-minded businesses in the vital role of pulling together to safeguard the very environment on which our businesses survive; it would be easy to overlook or turn our backs on deserving conservation projects in these particularly harsh environmental and economic times and our membership of EOCA allows us to act upon this constantly.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Nikwax actively supports conservation through its carbon offsetting and conservation scheme with the World Land Trust. Through this project Nikwax matches offsetting donations with a further donation to protect standing rainforest in South America. Nikwax also donates 2% of sales from its Skitostop range to the World Land Trust to be used in Land Purchase projects. Since we started our carbon offset programme in 2007, we have donated more than £63,000 to the World Land Trust for reforestation and conservation projects.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Nikwax’s new TX.Direct 11.1 is the greenest product that Nikwax manufactures and sells. This is our leading waterproofing product: it is WaterBased as opposed to solvent-based and contains no fluorocarbons, unlike many of our competitors. This means that no fluorocarbons are emitted to the environment during use and also that garments treated with this product do not need to be tumble dried to activate the waterproofing agent, so saving resources.
The product is also highly durable, reducing the need for reapplication, which in the case of the wash-in solution means less water and energy used. The spray-on version is a pump spray and not an aerosol, which in keeping with our entire product range does not utilise propellant gases.

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