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The History:
Our craftmanship history dates to 1928 when two brothers opened a small sewing workshop. Right from then our family-owned business is led by passion to discover the unexplored and by our will to use the knowledge and mastery in creating quality Outdoor products. Some of our innovative fabrics with merino wool have been used for space missions (1985) and it doesn‘t get more Outdoor than Space, right? Some decades later we took all this knowledge and applied it to the outdoor market. Since then (2005) the brand Thermowave was born and now we can proudly call ourselves the masters of merino wool apparel. From yarn to fisnished product, all of Thermowave‘s base layers are made in our own facilities in Lithuania, EU.
Family business traditions meet love for Outdoors:
At the heart of Thermowave is Audrius Pocius, the CEO/ambassador as his lifestyle completely fits the one we are creating our clothes for: an avid surfer, snowboarder and hiker who took the wheel of Thermowave from his family:
„I try to spend as much time as possible in search for outdoor adventures and more I am in nature, the more I feel its positive impact on people. I would very much like to keep the love for outdoors growing around the world and to save it for future generations!“
Today, his lifestyle fully reflects the brand’s philosophy and he now sees his job as a relationship: “I am giving all of my energy to my work and doing my best to communicate the brand’s philosophy to the world. Everything that is related to Thermowave helps me grow as a person, improve every day and enjoy both the process and the results” — Audrius admits.

Happy sheep don‘t itch:
When it comes to merino wool, mulesing is one of the most important things to be considered. There are alternatives to mulesing that are usually a bit more expensive or requires more work, but no animal should go through such pain and harm for the sake of human needs. Each garment at Thermowave has merino wool that is mulesing-free. Despite that, only the softest threads (like 16,5 or 17,5 micron) are used resulting in premium quality and excellent next-to-skin comfort. Our wool comes from Australia and New Zealand, and Thermowave cherishes our long-term partnerships with merino sheep growers. We are very proud of this decision and know that sheep welfare has improved given that more and more manufacturers follow this path. We have a saying that happy sheep don‘t itch and we stand by it.
Our product:
„Base layer for every occsassion:
Our base layer products range from 100% Merino, to Merino Enhanced products, to sustainable Performance Polyester letting you choose the product according to your desired activity level. Thicknesses from 150gsm to 330 GSM will help with whatever temperatures nature throws at you! All our products are developed with the help of our ambassadors in the field resulting in an outdoor-ready product. Focus on the adventure rather than the clothing.”
Sustainability and Quality:
Thermowave creates Outdoor apparel with sustainability and premium quality in mind. Mulesing-free merino base layers have been thread-to-garment created in the same site – Kaunas, Lithuania, thus allowing us to fulfill the 0 kilometer policy. Manufacturing in Europe means following EU and Lithuanian laws ensuring a fair wage, comfortable working hours and superb working conditions. Thermowave is also involved in #whomadeyourclothes movement shining light onto the issues in fashion industry.

When did you join EOCA?

November 2021

Why our company is involved with EOCA?

As a sustainable brand we care to learn more about Outdoor Conservation and the ways we can give back. We are conserned about the protection of Outdoors – we do not exist without it.

What else do we do to support conservation?

We arrange annual fundrasing for local Lithuanian organisation preventing illegal fishing, keep our manufacturing in Lithuania were we have to apply all the sustainability and environmentaly friendly laws and we are happy to do so. We try to create as much out of recycled materials as possible and our collections follow the slow fashion rules.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Hard question, but it is either our merino wool 100% baselayer called Arctic – merino wool used at Thermowave is 100% mulesing free, we manufacture the material here in Lithuania and wool is 100% recycable, and it is also a very durable blend. Or it could be our fleece jumpers, single one jumper is created using 26 plastic bottles. It shows great durability, that is why we have given a lifetime warranty for this product.