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PAJAK is a family company managed by Andrzej and Ewa Pajak along with exceptional team of young dedicated people. We all share our passion for outdoor activities with a need of creating dependable, innovative and technologically advanced outdoor equipment.

We manufacture our products exclusively in Poland from the finest materials with full control over every aspect of production: from idea through testing to market-ready product.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Pajak Quest 4TWO sleeping bag.
The very first sleeping bag design to be recycle
Every single part: fabric,straps,threads,cords, jacquards, plastic parts,care instructions and fabric labels was made from poliamid 6.6.. This costly change lead us to product which is
design to be recycled (poliamid 6.6) and upcycled (down,metal) in easy and energy efficient way. It is assimple assimple asthat to care about planet. Thanks to that Quest sleeping
bags can be produce in closed cycle