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A lot has happened in the last 50 years, but in many ways our mission today is the same as it was all those decades ago- to harness the latest technologies to create a comfortable, practical clothing range that helps us stay on the trail for longer. Each season we’ve refined our selection, creating new designs that are more agile, waterproof, insulating and sun protective than before. Today we share our wanderlust with more people than ever before – fellow voyagers who are as keen as we are to explore the furthest reaches of our beautiful planet and to share our experiences with others.

When did you join EOCA?

We joined EOCA in 2013

Why our company is involved with EOCA?

We are proud of our business, not only because of the passion we put into developing fresh ideas and refining fabric technologies every season, but also because we help protect the wild places we love by our commitment to the EOCA.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Craghoppers are proud to be partnering with The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. Their work is vital – not only for the health and protection of these endangered creatures, but for the livelihoods of local people for whom gorilla tourism is a precious lifeline. Inspired, we became determined to support the Fossey Fund's work in any way we can. We've provided specialist clothing to ease the long days of the Fossey Fund trackers and researchers. And we've sponsored/collaborated with award-winning visual storyteller McBride to raise awareness of work the whole world should see.

What else do we do to support conservation?

Made from recycled plastic bottles, our Craghoppers eco-friendly fleece is the best green product.

Celebrating 50 years in the Outdoors, we continue to evolve our range of outdoor apparel and we are pleased to announce the introduction of recycled materials into our popular line of fleeces for Autumn/Winter 15. For the new season, Craghoppers fleeces will be made from recycled plastic bottles, giving its eco-conscious customers a great performance product that lessens the impact on the planet, while maintaining its look, soft comfort feel and more importantly, its competitive price.