Bergans Fritid AS

Bergans Fritid AS logo

Bergans of Norway was established in 1908 by Ole F. Bergan, and the company’s logo is based on his original signature.
He developed the world’s first commercial rucksack, using a metal frame that was “pre-formed” to the shape of the body.
His innovative approach to design and the careful choice of materials in relation to function, comfort and durability have been the hallmark of the company from 1908 until today.

Product development has been a close collaboration with world famous explorers and adventurers, but just as important, we work closely with the most important tester: the end user – our customer.

For many people “Bergans means a rucksack” – yet Bergans means more, for the range of outdoor products has been expanded to include clothing, tents, sleeping bags and Ally canoes –

Bergans products are available virtually worldwide.