How to get the most out of your membership

So now you have joined up and feeling proud to be part of an organisation that is involved in such positive work, how do you get the message out that you are involved?

You can be as involved as you want to be. We have listed below a few helpful ideas of the sorts of things you could do to help raise awareness of the Association and what it does. Just imagine the overall impact within the industry and the wider community if every member picked just 3 of these ideas and put them into practice.
Get involved more
Get involved more
You could:
  • Display your membership certificate in your reception area 
  • Display your membership plaque at trade shows and exhibitions 
  • Use the Association's logo on sales and trade literature, on your website and brochures
  • Print the latest Newsletter and leave it in reception, in the changing room, next to the kettle etc for staff and customers to read, or email to everyone in the company so they are aware of what is going on and who the Association is
  • Encourage your staff to nominate projects each autumn
  • Involve your staff in the voting process each spring
  • Donate rights - free images for use on the Association website - which will be credited to your organisation (please contact us to discuss further)
Get the most from your membership
Get the most from your membership
Or perhaps:
  • Send out the newsletter to your suppliers / retailers / contacts within the industry to raise awareness
  • Ask your contacts to become members
  • Put the Association's logo on your email signature
  • Include some information about the Association on your website; why you are a member and a link from your website to the Association's website.
  • Send newsletters / press releases to your trade / consumer press contacts
  • Sponsor events / parts of events organised by the Association at tradeshows to get your name associated with conservation 
  • Organise your own events / sales / promotions at trade shows or locally to raise funds for the Association
  • Volunteer to be interviewed for the Association's Newsletter to tell other members what you are up to and what is important to your organisation

And maybe even:
  • Translate parts of newsletters / relevant press releases into your local language and send out to your local press contacts
  • Volunteer to help the projects that you have nominated or that are local to you - a day’s work at the weekend can be a great family or staff team building event!
  • Go and help a local conservation organisation for a day
  • Contribute a percentage of your pro sales to the Association
  • Organise your own local conservation project - could you organise a litter pick on a local beach / in a local park / in a popular hiking area, or tree planting that your whole organisation could get involved in - local press would be interested, and the Association would also love to promote it!
  • Consider joining our Board of Directors
  • Match funding - offer to subsidise new members for a year up to a maximum amount
  • Write an article to go in the newsletter / on the website to spur others into action!
  • Become a Summit Member - fund part of or a whole project yourself!  This could be one of our shortlisted project or you could ask EOCA to research and find a project for you to fund that is particularly relevant to your brand
  • Become a Sustaining Member - help with the background costs of EOCA in order to help the organisation grow and for us to continue to be able to put 100% of membership fees into the projects that we support.
If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support our projects, please click the donate button below.
"Support from The North Face Explore Fund via EOCA has completely transformed our Project. We have hired two new staff members, expanded our volunteer programme, supported the regeneration of tens of thousands of native trees, hosted new primary schools and restored an upland peat bog. Over the past 12 months we have made impressive progress towards our long-term goal of restoring 630 hectares of wild native woodland in the Lake District National Park. Support from EOCA has raised our ambition. We now have our sights set on even larger scale restoration of native woodlands and other wildlife habitats. "

Dominick Spracklen and John Hodgson, Restoring Hardknott Forest, University of Leeds