Why be a Member?

Being proactive about looking after the environment we depend on for our livelihoods is all part of the whole CSR package – as well as minimising the harm we may do via our supply chain and manufacturing processes. 

Why be a Member?
Why be a Member?
What is included in you membership fee?

- you have a page on our websites which you can access and update
- your logo is included on the panels we have at ISPO and OutDoor
- your logo is included in adverts we do in the main trade show magazines
- you can use our ‘proud member’ logo on your website / in your literature / on your swing tags
- you can ask us to research and find projects for your brand to support free of charge
- you can nominate up to 3 projects each funding round
- any project you nominate which gets onto the shortlist or gets funding will always be mentioned in conjunction with your brand
- you can take part in the private member vote to help us choose which projects we support each year
- our public vote, which takes place twice a year reaches millions – in Spring 2018 we reached 64 million consumers in just 2 weeks
- any news items from your company can be included in our quarterly newsletter which goes to 28,000 consumers, as well as to all our members.

Why should my company be involved?
  • We support the most effective conservation organisations – through a rigorous screening process, we are supporting conservation projects worldwide.
  • Strength in numbers – by pooling resources with nearly 140 other Outdoor Companies, collectively we can put a larger amount of support and money into selected projects than individuals could on their own. Not only this, but membership of the Association gives companies an environmental giving programme without any in-house administrative or staff costs.
  • We have a track record of success – although the Association has been up and running for 12 years, we have supported over 100 projects to the tune of over €2,400,000 ... and that’s just for starters!
  • Every Association member can nominate up to 3 projects every year they would like to see supported with grants of up to €30,000 available.
  • You – and every member your staff can help determine where we contribute our funding through our annual voting procedure.
A track record of success
A track record of success
  • 100% of your annual membership dues goes directly into the selected conservation projects – chosen by you! Every last cent given to us by members is put towards projects – nothing is held back for admin, operational expenses or biscuits at tea time (administrative costs are paid for by the European Outdoor Group and our interests in the European OutDoor trade fair).
  • You are part of the only organisation within the European Outdoor Industry that specifically raises money to put back into the environment you work within and value so much.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment - Members may use the Association logo and framed membership certificate in their marketing efforts, to communicate to customers, suppliers and other contacts members their commitment to the environment and conservation work.
  • The Association will use every opportunity to promote your organisation as a member. Through our website and all marketing materials we produce, wherever appropriate, we will promote your organisation as a member.
  • Members are kept updated on the all-important progress of grant recipients, project successes, and opportunities to get involved, via regular newsletters and other communications.
  • It’s the right thing to do - and your customers care
If you are an individual who loves the great outdoors and would like to support our projects, please click the donate button below.
The funding that EOCA and Original Buff, S.A. have given Ennerdale's Squirrel Woodlands has enabled us to make a massive step change in our conservation of red squirrels, allowing us to purchase equipment, employ local people and support the local community in extending native woodlands and helping keep red squirrels in the valley. The simple funding process has meant we can focus on doing real tangible stuff on the ground"
Gareth Browning, Wild Ennerdale