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Every year skiers, cyclists and surfers go to enjoy the great outdoors. What they often not realise is that the waxes and
lubricants that their equipment uses are made from oil and that they are depositing damaging hydrocarbons in the
environment. These deposits damage the soil composition and poison fresh water reducing species, restricting plant growth
and limit biodiversity. As such it can also enter the human food chain and cause serious harm to the body. So the very thing
that outdoor sports practitioners crave and love to be in contact with (the environment), they are damaging.
NZERO eco ski waxes ISPO
NZERO eco ski waxes ISPO
When did you join EOCA? October 2019
Why our company is involved with EOCA? Marteen Sports World has been founded with the objective to reduce such chemicals and oil in nature. We have developed
the world´s first fully natural bio-degradable ski wax (NZERO) for which we have received a coveted ISPO ECO AWARD 2017 and an eco-ski award (by DSV ECO AWARD 2019). From 2021, we have launched our new NZERO Bike range of lubes and degreaser.

NZERO Organic Bike Lubes and Degreaser
NZERO Organic Bike Lubes and Degreaser
What else do we do to support conservation?Recycled and recycling packaging and PET bottle components.
Our best green product and why? NZERO organic waxes and lubes
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We’re delighted to have been supported by the European Outdoor Conservation Association, who have been
an excellent partner and whose support has enabled us to divert more much-needed funds into local projects.
Dr Matthias Hammer, Biosphere Expeditions