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VAUDE - The Spirit of Mountain Sports

Thinking with foresight. Being considerate in our dealings with others. Acting from the heart. This is how we can move forward. In outdoor sports. In everyday life. And in the development of sustainable products. Because future generations will only be able to enjoy the mountains and a pristine planet if we conserve what we love.
Due to his passion for mountain sports Albrecht von Dewitz founded the company VAUDE in the 1970s. The one-man business became one of Europe's leading mountain sports brands. Today, VAUDE still stands for know-how, innovation and ecological responsibility.

Our corporate philosophy is particularly important to us.
We understand engaging in business as a responsibility for contributing to the public good. We take on responsibility in everything that we do: for our employees and partners around the world, the environment and for following generations. As a company that acts sustainably, we align ourselves with long-term, future oriented, ecological, social and economic goals.

»We full-heartedly accept our social and environmental responsibility.« Antje von Dewitz, CEO
»We full-heartedly accept our social and environmental responsibility.« Antje von Dewitz, CEO
When did you join EOCA?
VAUDE has been member of EOCA right from the beginning.

Why our company is involved with EOCA?
We at VAUDE live up to our values and take on responsibility for the people of the world and the planet itself. We take environmental and social factors into account in everything we do.

Nature is the `playground´ for ourselves and our customers, this is where our products are put to use. Of course, we take a huge interest in protecting it. We know conservation is a team sport: It needs joined resources to really make a difference. That's why we support the EOCA.
VAUDE Greenshape
VAUDE Greenshape
What else do we do to support conservation?
Our company headquarter in southern Germany has been climate-neutral since 2012 – and this applies to all products manufactured there.

We are working hard to achieve global climate neutrality soon and want to manufacture our products predominantly from bio-based and recycled materials by 2024.

We are also involved in a wide range of environmental protection projects with our partners, the German Alpine Association and the VAUDE Sport Albrecht von Dewitz Foundation.

Our best green product and why?
Green Shape is the VAUDE label for sustainable clothing and gear. Because there is no comparable system that is equally comprehensive and rigorous, we have developed our own seal. After all, every social movement begins with someone taking that first step and not only talking smart, but taking concrete action.

Green Shape products are made from environmentally-friendly materials. Thanks to bluesign® system they're manufactured using energy-efficient, resource-conserving methods – without problematic substances. As climate-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based materials, we are increasing our use of recycled and natural materials such as hemp and organic cotton, as well as bioplastics. We also pay attention to timeless and durable design as well as fair wages and good working conditions in production.

You can find more information in our VAUDE sustainability report.

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We’re delighted to have been supported by the European Outdoor Conservation Association, who have been
an excellent partner and whose support has enabled us to divert more much-needed funds into local projects.
Dr Matthias Hammer, Biosphere Expeditions