Good Things come to Those who Wait – EOCA OutDoor Round Up

Success comes to those who wait, and came in abundance for the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) at last month’s OutDoor. Not only did four new organisations sign up to be involved in the Association’s work, but the target of the show to reach €30,000 in fundraising was met as the final donations were counted after the show.

Insulated steel flask producers Hydro Flask, outerwear supplier PYUA, Gregory Packs, which is part of the Samsonite Group and the OSV (Outdoor Sports Valley), home of the French outdoor sports industry joined or partnered with EOCA either immediately before or during the show. Steffen Riese, CSR Manager of PYUA said, “Sustainability is part of our make up. PYUA’s ethos is to live, experience and protect nature in its purest form, giving it the respect that it is due. Joining EOCA makes total sense as it is a perfect match between enjoying the outdoors yet also taking the responsibility to protect and look after it.” Mike Wallenfels, VP Worldwide Sales for Hydro Flask agreed, “Reusing and recycling is something we promote every day at Hydroflask, which makes sense economically as well as environmentally. Hydro Flask is proud to join EOCA as an organisation that brings so many members of the same industry together to actively put our shared values into practice”.