EOCA Trees Given 18,000 Boost by ISPO

Following fundraising, donations and events at last month’s ISPO trade show, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is delighted to announce that the total amount raised has equated to another 18,000 trees which can be planted towards its 2 Million Tree target launched last year.

The ISPO After Work, hosted by KEEN and EOCA saw large numbers of visitors braving the cold night air to meet together, drink beer or Glühwein and dance the night away, as well as raise money for EOCA’s 2 Million Tree Project.  The Scandinavian Outdoor Group collected donations during their happy hours at the Scandinavian Village bar throughout the show and Stanley – A Brand of PMI and Original Buff, S.A. both created limited edition products specifically to help raise funds for the target, which has so far raised enough to enable over 1,174,000 trees to be planted.

The 2 Million Tree Project is a goal set by EOCA itself in celebration of the fact that the organisation has raised and put over €2 million into conservation projects since it started 10 years ago.  These trees will leave a lasting legacy from the outdoor industry worldwide. Catherine Savidge, Joint General Manager of EOCA explained that  “Trees are massively relevant and important to the outdoor community and all of our projects have a clear link to the outdoor enthusiast.  Some trees are being planted which will improve habitats and experiences in areas that people love to explore, be it on foot, by bike or kayak, improving areas for wildlife which people enjoy seeking out and observing.  Trees are being planted in the mountains as well as along coastlines and rivers, protecting against avalanche, landslide, flooding and tsunami , providing alternative resources for local communities, establishing ecotourism ventures or protecting existing threatened species and forests – all of which will benefit a threatened habitat, a local community and ultimately, the world’s climate.”