EOCA’s Plastic Pledge Makes a Difference at ISPO 2020

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is proud to announce that at ISPO 2020, around 85% of its exhibiting members plus 13 non members implemented its Plastic Pledge, avoiding the use of single-use plastic when serving refreshments on their stands.  These actions, together with those taken by Messe München, DB Schenker and individual visitors at the show significantly reduced plastic waste from the show.

Prior to OutDoor by ISPO 2019, EOCA launched its Plastic Pledge, calling on exhibitors to reduce their single-use plastic waste produced at the show. The Pledge committed exhibitors to not use or provide single-use plastic bottled drinks, to take all possible measures to avoid single-use plastic food or drink items and to provide a source of drinking water for visitors and staff to use to refill their own bottles and mugs throughout the 4 days. In addition, EOCA provided guidance notes on reducing other single-use plastics associated with attending tradeshows.  At OutDoor by ISPO 2019, 60% of EOCA members signed and implemented the Pledge.  Interest grew, and EOCA was delighted that by ISPO 2020, around 85% of EOCA members had signed the Pledge, as well as 13 non-members of EOCA.  In addition, many individual visitors signed up to support the Pledge on the EOCA stand and many more purchased reusable bottles, cups and flasks to use around the show and beyond.

Camelbak and Klean Kanteen served fabulous coffee at the show – but only into reusable cups. In total, they served around 2000 coffees and so saved 2000 single-use cups being used.  EOCA worked with Messe München who supported the aims of the Pledge by providing access to kitchens in all halls for washing of reusable items and installed hydration stations in half of the halls.  Single-use carpet at the show was also reduced, a move that EOCA very much supports and hopes to see reduce further at future shows.