Inti Wara Yassi

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi is a legally established Bolivian organisation, made up of a team of young professionals and Bolivian volunteers, as well as international volunteers from all over the world.

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Get involved ....

In 1992 the organisation was born and became the driving force of a nationally recognised environmental movement. In the beginning CIWY worked with orphans and children with limited resources, aiming to support their personal development and build their self-esteem by participating in different activities in defence of the environment and raising awareness among the general population about the importance of respecting our biodiversity.

Over the years CIWY has revealed and denounced the illegal trade to which many species of animals are subjected, with no respect for their rights. Faced with the indifference of the authorities tasked with dealing with this issue and despite the existence of a law, the organisation took on the responsibility to take care of and offer these victims a second opportunity in life. Thus in 1996 CIWY became the pioneer of implementing a system of managing wildlife and promoting conservation ex situ.

As an organisation we want to bring about significant changes in our country and create a responsible awareness around this issue. We currently manage three parks - Machía (Cochabamba), Ambue Ari (Santa Cruz) y Jacj Cuisi (north of La Paz) - that operate as Centres of Custody of Wild Animals (CCFS).

The work includes the management, feeding and enrichment of the animals that unfortunately cannot be released back into the wild due to various reasons. All animals that cannot be released receive full-time care which also provides the volunteers with a magical and enriching experience. The minimum time to spend at each place is 2 weeks, except for Jacj Cuisi, where volunteers who can only stay for 1 week are asked to help with the construction. There is a small fee that volunteers pay and this goes to the running of our park and the feeding of the animals. We do not receive any other funding besides volunteer fees and donations. The work, facilities, costs, directions, types of accommodation and types of animals that we work with differs between all 3 parks and further information can be found on our website.


EOCA Funded Projects

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The funding that EOCA and Original Buff, S.A. have given Ennerdale's Squirrel Woodlands has enabled us to make a massive step change in our conservation of red squirrels, allowing us to purchase equipment, employ local people and support the local community in extending native woodlands and helping keep red squirrels in the valley. The simple funding process has meant we can focus on doing real tangible stuff on the ground"
Gareth Browning, Wild Ennerdale