Tread Lightly

In this section of our website, we highlight the steps you can take when enjoying your favourite outdoor activities, to ensure that you are 'treading lightly', and minimising your impact on the environment that you are out exploring and enjoying.
Calm days out
Calm days out

The whole experience, the sights, smells, sounds and textures, of being in the great outdoors leads many of us to a healthy addiction that lasts a lifetime and is passed down generations.

Leave only footprints, take only photographs, keep only memories.

The increasing popularity of outdoor sports driven by a rediscovered need for a connection with our environment, coupled with the ever shrinking size of natural habitats, means that it is more important than ever that we all respect this famous mantra.

Many groups involved with the outdoors have produced codes and guidelines relevant to their disciplines. On this site, we have pulled together advice on how to tread lightly when enjoying the many outdoor activities on offer in our natural playground. We also provide links through to other organisations websites so that you can get more information on the activity of your choice

What ever your chosen activity, there are some basic principles that apply to all:

  1. Keep safe - plan ahead and be prepared.
  2. Be mindful of locals - park thoughtfully, and keep dogs under close control.
  3. Co-operate with farmers and other landowners and managers.
  4. Respect and leave undisturbed the natural habitats and wildlife you come across.
  5. Preserve the past - do not remove or tamper with historical structures.
  6. Respect and be courteous to other outdoor users. Minimise your impact on their ‘natural experience’.
  7. Take home your litter and waste.
  8. Check and follow the laws and codes of conduct established in your country for the activity you are planning to undertake.
Check out this great film made in conjunction with online magazine Outdoors Magic and EOCA member Fjällräven about leaving no trace whilst out in the hills HERE

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"It was a great experience to receive the funding with the support of the people through an exciting voting contest. With the funding we managed to ensure preservation of another 10,000 hectares of wilderness in Küre Mountains National Park in Turkey providing safe haven for endangered species such as wolves and bears. We contributed to saving the last remaining priceless untouched natural areas in Europe so that future generations can also enjoy them."
Zoltán Kun, Executive Director, PAN Parks Foundation