Asian Cycling Adventure in Aid of Rhinos kicks off in Hong Kong

We have always wondered if we, as individuals, have the power to positively impact the current rhino crisis. Instead of just following the tragic headlines on the news, we have decided to take action! Our cycling project “Buy No Rhino” was born. We, two sisters, will ride from Hong Kong to Singapore in a bid to raise awareness about rhino poaching.

On April 20th we started our epic 6000km journey, which will take us through seven countries in South East Asia (China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). The aim of our awareness campaign is to inform about the rhino plight and transform the mindsets of people we meet.

The ever-increasing poaching crisis of Rhinos in Southern Africa has left us feeling frustrated and powerless. If the current development is not stopped soon, the Rhino is in danger of becoming extinct in the very near future. Since we are very passionate about making the world a better place for the environment, we felt a strong sense of urgency to take action.

Years ago Braam Malherbe, a well-known South African conservationist and extreme adventurer, caught a puff adder in our Cape Town garden. Since then we have known him and he has inspired us with his DOT campaign. DOT – Do One Thing! Braam’s motto is "Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but if we all start with just one small, environmentally friendly act, we can collectively make a huge difference!"

The main consumer markets of Rhino horn are found in Vietnam, China and Thailand. In these countries the horn is believed to have medicinal powers and the powdered horn is used to treat many different symptoms and illnesses, such as fever, convulsions, demons, gout, rheumatism, headaches, hallucinations, high blood pressure and many more. Modern myths are often circulated by crime syndicates, promoting rhino horn as a party drug, a miracle cancer cure and as a status symbol.
This is where education and a change of mindset are necessary. The demand for rhino horn needs to be curbed. As the organization Wildaid states, “If the buying stops, the killing can too.”

For this reason the war against rhino poaching has to be won in Asia and not in Africa. We firmly believe this!

We are collaborating on an art project with Project Rhino KZN, partners of the Kingsley Holgate Foundation. We are planning to visit schools along our route and roll out the Kingsley art project. Furthermore we will be collecting signatures for the World Youth Wildlife Declaration, which will be presented to the CITES 2016 summit in Cape Town.

Our vision is to inspire people to make their dreams happen, as well as realize that everyone can make a difference and that they have the power to change their surroundings, especially to protect the environment better.

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About us:
Globetrotting, analytically wired Vicky (35) lives in a typical German town in beer-loving Bavaria, number crunching the whole day as a financial controller. Extrovert, energetic Ness (30) works in the fashion industry in the ever-stylish trend capital Cape Town.