26 Companies sign EOCA's Plastic Pledge for Tradeshows!

In an exciting step forwards in the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA)’s new focus on tackling plastic pollution, the association has asked exhibitors at this summer’s OutDoor by ISPO trade show to sign up to a pledge to reduce the amount of single-use plastic on their stands at the show. The association is delighted with the reaction, with 26 exhibitors having already signed up to the Plastic Pledge.

Following the launch in January of the association’s Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea campaign, EOCA is working with its members in the European outdoor industry to clean up plastic waste already causing harm in habitats from the summits of mountains to the shores of the seas, whilst also reducing their use of everyday single-use plastics. This will be in conjunction with educating and inspiring outdoor enthusiasts to get involved to combat the issues.

EOCA launched its Plastic Pledge three weeks ago, to reduce single-use plastic waste at trade shows – specifically starting with OutDoor by ISPO at the end of June. The pledge includes the commitment to provide a source of drinking water on stands to refill reusable bottles and cups, encouraging employees to bring their own reusable mugs or bottles from home to use during and after the show, and not providing any single-use plastic bottled drinks during the show. EOCA is encouraging as many of its members to sign up to the pledge as a first step to making trade shows more sustainable. Non-members of EOCA are also invited to sign the pledge, to help reduce plastic waste production.

Already 25 companies have signed the pledge including Paramo and Smartwool who will not be exhibiting at the OutDoor by ISPO show but have committed to will be implementing the pledge at other tradeshow events during the year. This means that over a third of EOCA members exhibiting at the OutDoor by ISPO show have already signed up. In addition, an exhibitor that is not an EOCA member has also signed up, demonstrating that this Pledge is a relevant issue to the outdoor industry as a whole.

Joint General Manager of EOCA, Catherine Savidge commented “We are delighted with the reaction we have received to the Plastic Pledge so far, and with the concept of Bring it. Use it. Repeat! We look forward to EOCA members leading the way at the show in reducing single-use waste and demonstrating simple ways in which we can all be more sustainable. We invite all companies exhibiting to consider the pledge and to get in touch if they are able to support this initiative. We also remind all attendees and visitors to the show to Bring It. Use It. Repeat! – to use their own reusable bottles and cups while travelling to and attending the show, or to pick up a reusable bottle at the EOCA stand in B6 to use at and after the show, and to refuse single-use plastics.”